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Get to know who's on your team


Your realtor is your right hand man, your communicator, your sounding board & your advocate. Your realtor will recommend lenders, show you homes, write your legal purchase document(s) & help guide you to through the whole process. 


Your lender is VERY important. No lender, no home(unless your cash). When choosing a lender you want to choose someone you can get ahold of easily, communicates on weekends & gives you their all. If the lender slacks you wont close on time. Your lender will and should be very involved through out the whole process. 

Title Company

The title company is a third party that works on behalf of both the lender and the buyer. You hire them to research and insure the title of the home you're buying. They will be a big part in making the home legally yours. You will sign closing documents with them and they will be in charge of sending all documents to the county to be recorded. 

Know the home buying process


There are multiple realtors out there to choose from, but you wouldn’t want a commercial agent if you’re buying residential. You don’t want a listing agent if you’re looking to buy a home. Take the time to find the specialist who works solely in the real estate field you’re looking in.

What I do for you as your buyers agent

As your buyers agent I will give you 100% of my resources, knowledge, communication and skill. Communication is my strong suite! You will never not hear back from me no matter the time of day. I will meet in person or over the phone with you to begin our journey together so I can fully understand your present situation and where you want to end up. I will refer lenders, title companies, home inspectors and other professionals you may need along the way. I will provide guides and worksheets if you need them, and be on top of sending you listings that best suite your wants and needs. I will show you as many homes as it takes, I will never pressure you into a home your not 100% comfortable with. I will help you understand the numbers and legal documents. The best part is I don't charge you a dime and If you are ever unsatisfied with my services to you, you can back out and go with someone else. I am seriously here for you and your dreams!

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